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Mary Campbell Gallagher's Publications on Public Speaking
Op-ed arguing that Title IX and basketball are responsible for Sarah Palin's extraordinary skills as a platform speaker.
Mary Campbell Gallagher's Publications on Cities
Op-ed by Mary Campbell Gallagher arguing against government plans to build towers in Paris.
Polls show that Parisians oppose towers by between 55 and 60 per cent. The Mayor and City Council, however, plan to construct their own commercial and residential towers. In
Mary Campbell Gallagher's Publications on Cities
Op-ed arguing that at Atlantic Yards Mayor Bloomberg and developer Bruce Ratner are gambling with the character of Brooklyn and with citizens' homes and businesses. The project may fail, but no politician will ever pay the price at the polls.
Op-ed highlighting the mammoth out-of-scale size of the Atlantic Yards project and the fact that Atlantic Yards is entirely a creation of politician and developer avarice. This city treats its neighborhoods as just "products," to be offered for sale to corporations for condos and office buildings. No one consulted the citizens of New York City.
Op-ed arguing that while Wal-Mart and Ikea promise to "create" jobs, they in fact destroy jobs, instead.
Op-ed demonstrating that big box Ikea's promises to the residents of Red Hook Houses are false, and suggesting that an Ikea store in Red Hook will cause suburban problems like sprawl and congestion while eliminating the lively variety we enjoy in cities.
Mary Campbell Gallagher'sPublications on Cities
Essay-Book Review. An argument for strengthening the manufacturing sector in New York City
Essay about New York City's Central Park in spring.
Critical memoir of New York City student life in Greenwich Village in the Fifties.
Selected Publications on Legal Topics
Selected Publications on Legal Topics
Study guide for bar candidates teaches them how to raise their scores on the bar exam essays: 80 actual state bar exam questions, plus answers in Dr. Gallagher's format.
Op-Ed essay arguing that in the Abscam cases the F.B.I. may have manipulated conversations on audiotapes to produce falsified evidence in prosecutions of politicians.
Feature article setting out pros and cons of a statutory parental consent requirement for teen-agers' abortions. Includes many interviews with advocates for both sides.
Feature article with interviews with state bar examiners, showing how students should structure their bar exam essays
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Full-length feature article cum memoir on the history of the Curriculum Reform Movement of the 1960s. Contains interviews with key participants in that historic era in American education.

"Two Dreams of Greenwich Village,"
Literal Latte,
November-December 1997, pp. 19-21.

Two Dreams of Greenwich Village

I was just seventeen when I moved to Washington Square on the bright Labor Day Weekend of 1955. The big yellow cab flew along the nearly empty streets, down from the Barbizon Hotel for Women and through the driveways of Grand Central Station. I was in the back with one arm around my new suitcase full of plaid Bermuda shorts and button-down shirts, my music, and my pencils and sketchbooks from the old School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This land is your land, This land is my land...

Speeding down Fourth Avenue on that sunny day, I dreamed of a life in art. I had visited my friend Willa from summer boarding school on Ninth Street in the Village, so I did know about folk music, Pete Seeger and the Weavers. I knew that we could sit on the fountain rim in Washington Square Park with our friends in the warm evenings, playing the guitar and singing folk songs. But I had yet to learn that for a hundred years and more writers had lived in Greenwich Village: Melville, Poe, Mark Twain, Henry James, Walt Whitman. I had never heard of the Actors Studio, the Cedar Bar, Steve McQueen or Joe Papp, or any of the Village coffeehouses, or The Village Voice.

As the cab stopped in front of the Judson, the old yellow brick hotel on Washington Square South . . . .

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